What Are the Uses of CBD Oil for Pets?

What Are the Uses of CBD Oil for Pets?

Hemp CBD is all the rage these days. People are using the cannabinoid extract for a wide variety of purpose, without the intoxicating effects of THC, which makes it a great alternative option.

CBD interacts with the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors. The compound is found in hemp and cannabis (marijuana). While cannabis includes THC, which causes a “high,” it’s recently been made possible to separate the THC from the CBD.

In fact, since most CBD oils are made from hemp (which has virtually no THC), not cannabis, it can be ensured there is no risk of intoxication, for people or their pets.

CBD for Dogs and Cats

Our beloved furry friends do too. Cats and dogs also have endocannabinoid receptors in their brains and nervous systems. That means that the effects we enjoy from CBD products can affect them the same way. There is a multitude of possible applications for CBD with pets, so let’s explore:

Put a Shine on That Coat

CBD can  come in handy not just for show dogs or cats on display at a cat fancier meeting, but for anyone who wants their fur-kids to look their best and healthiest.

An application of a CBD pet shampoo can bring back your poodle’s bouncy curls or your Weimaraner’s silver sheen after going through a tick or flea treatment regimen – or even when they’re just getting older.

CBD Pet Sprays Work for Animals Who Hate Bath Time

Anyone who’s ever tried to shampoo a cat knows it’s serious work. They have the bites and scratches to prove it! That’s where CBD pet sprays come into play. You can use a simple spray on their food or water to get the same fur improvement benefits without the risk of getting your hands clawed.

CBD pet spray is odorless and flavorless, so picky eaters won’t go running for their hidey holes when they approach their food, or you can spray it right into their mouths. This makes the spray version of CBD ideal for animals who turn their noses at CBD oils in their food or water. It’s also an easy way to measure the CBD dosage – most products are designed to dispense the right amount in each spray.

New Tricks for Old Dogs and Cats

As we mentioned before, the endocannabinoid receptors in mammals’ nervous system and brains control some aspects of discomfort and joint inflammation – just the kind of ailments that older animals (and people!) tend to experience. Who hasn’t felt sympathy seeing their aged cat walk with a hitch in their step because they struggle just to move their knees? With properly controlled CBD dosage for pets, that discomfort can be reduced naturally and without the need for harsh medications.

Only the Best for the Animals We Love

HanaPurity is dedicated to providing only the best-sourced, 100% pesticide and toxin-free CBD products for pets. Whether giving them a spray to enjoy a long car ride or simply to help them look and feel their best every day, there is a product for every cat and dog (and hamster, etc.!) available to make the difference. Check out our pet specialty section to get started.

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